Lesya Yanush is a visual artist who was born in Ukraine in 1979 and grew up in Washington State. Much of her art work links back to the nature of Washington State. Landscapes with plentiful forests, mountains and life-sustaining water forms inspire her to create abstract visual experiences.

She currently lives and works in New York, NY. And her influences include Peter Doig and Vincent van Gogh.

She demonstrated her talent in the arts at a young age primarily in music, classical singing and fine art with an emphasis on sculpture.  In 1998 she won a scholarship to study opera in Rome, Italy.  This experience broadened her appreciation for European art history and its artistic diversity. She holds degrees in economics, and counseling and developmental psychology Eastern Washington University.

Since Yanush has become a full-time fine artist she has attracted recognition from the art and business community. Her art works are part of private and corporate international collections.

She has shown her paintings at group exhibitions in New York City. Her selected exhibitions include the “Ivory Alive NYC” show curated by Leo Feroleto, owner of Six Summit Gallery in Ivoryton, CT.

Yanush’s artistic process is characterized by a sense of spontaneity. She begins each work of art without any preconceived plan, in order to allow pure imagination to emerge. Her unique abstract paintings reveal the culmination of emotional states and emanate a spiritual presence.

Renée Phillips, author and director of Manhattan Arts International, praised Yanush’s art in this statement: “In her paintings Lesya Yanush creates dynamic compositions using rhythmic patterns and lyrical movement. Her expansive vocabulary in color, design and texture enliven her multi-faceted paintings with contrast, harmony and balance and always an element of surprise.”